Residents of the Semenan sub-district, Kalideres, West Jakarta, admitted that they had not received a PAM pipe connection from the government until now. Even though the residents have submitted a proposal to build a pipe to the council members, it has not yet been realized. Residents claimed to have applied more than once, to get a connection pipe, to meet their daily needs.

"We have made submissions many times, starting from the PLYJA level even to the DPRD, but until now there has been no answer, let alone realized," said Mahmud as chairman of LMK 02 Semanam sub-district, when interviewed on Thursday (22/08/2019). This incident is very unfortunate, the condition of the area that should have been the government's attention has been forgotten.

Mahmud said that the water source in their area had reached a depth of 80 meters to 100 meters. The condition is very worrying and cannot be used for a long period of time, residents hope that the government will immediately intervene to overcome this problem. Considering that the Kalideres area has also become a regular drought, when the dry season arrives.

PALYJA is still trying to find solutions for irrigation for the Kalideres area

The residents of Kalideres expect PALYJA's clean water facilities to prioritize the Kalideres area, especially for residents who live on the side of the train tracks. Bayu Fadayen as a resident of Kalideres also said that the installation of PAM water is a vital problem in his area. Therefore, many residents complain about it because the drought problem has plagued this region for years.

"Indeed there are obstacles that occur, we have coordinated with PALYJA through an official letter. We have also visited PALYJA and found several points where it is not possible to enter clean water pipes,” said Bayu. So the geographical conditions of Kalideres also affect the delay in the installation of clean water pipes, PALYJA is still looking for the best solution.

As for if the pipe network has been installed, it is not possible for clean water to flow smoothly. Other problems such as water discharge, or water conditions that do not allow it to be distributed to all residents will inevitably arise. Now the residents of Kaliders still rely on the clean water post.

PALYJA has indeed prepared 9 clean water posts in the Semanan Kalideres Village Area. The goal is that the community's clean water needs can be met at least, now the community hopes that the government will immediately respond and realize the proposal for the construction of a pipeline network in Kalideres, for the sake of a comfortable and healthy life for the community.