Various obstacles prevent the pipeline network from entering the area, ranging from dry or unstable soil conditions, and the absence of a network that supports the entry of pipelines into the area. This condition makes it difficult for operators such as Palyja and Aetra to build clean water pipe facilities for residents, the government is still trying to find a solution.

This is because the pipeline flow has been revitalized, making the flow of clean water run smoothly even though the dry season arrives. A Cilingcing resident admitted that he did not experience a shortage of clean water. "There is no water problem, everything is running smoothly," said Maria (47), a resident of RT 05/ RW 01 Semper Timur, North Jakarta.

Meanwhile, another resident made a similar statement, who said that the supply of clean water was still sufficient even though it was not raining. "During the dry season it's going well, there's no problem with water," said Rosdiana (56), a resident of RT 01/rw 11 Rorotan, Cilingcing, North Jakarta. Rosdiana admitted that she regularly pays 200,000 for water every month.

The North Jakarta Area Does Not Completely Have a Water Pipe Network

The deputy mayor of the North Jakarta area, Ali Maulana Hakim said that currently the need for clean water in his area is still fulfilled with the existence of a pipe network. However, not all areas have a smooth pipeline network. Only Kamal Muara and its surroundings are located in the Penjaringan sub-district, as well as the Marunda area in the Cilingcing sub-district.

This year's dry season has lasted for the past few months, rain has not been observed in Jakarta and its surroundings. Usually, long dry conditions like this cause new problems, namely drought and lack of clean water. However, this time is different because there are no complaints of water shortages from residents in the North Jakarta area.

Ali Maulana has provided a clean water post and supplies from tanker trucks, as an anticipation for residents whose areas do not have pipelines. "We have held meetings about this twice, so that residents do not use water from the ground which can cause a subsidence of the surface." Ali said when asked about the solution.

DKI Jakarta Has Prepared Clean Water for Affected Areas

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has anticipated the impact of the dry season, taking lessons from previous years, that severe drought always occurs every year in Jakarta. Therefore, the provincial government is preparing to send clean water to the affected areas. Anies Baswedan has said that his party will immediately send clean water to a number of affected areas.

However, it is not yet known how much water will be provided by Anies and which areas will be supplied. There is no accurate data on which areas lack clean water. "This is one of the work programs that we will do, dealing with areas affected by drought," said the former Ministry of Education and Culture.

"So, for some time in the future the supply of clean water will be prepared to overcome the shortage of clean water," added Anies. Drought that occurred in Jakarta some time ago was very worrying, residents were forced to use dirty water from the river to meet their daily needs.

Now, residents hope that the water pipes can be repaired so that they don't have to struggle to transport water anymore. The fee is Rp. 200,000 for clean water will definitely burden the middle and lower class residents, because water is a basic need that cannot be separated from humans. The government is still trying to find a solution to this water problem.