OnePlus & ARcoPlus PVC Pipe

OnePlus & ARcoPlus PVC Pipe

How important is choosing a good PVC pipe?

Very important because the pvc pipe is a medium for channeling water for our daily lives. Besides being strong, the pipe must also be lead free.”

What are the benefits of choosing a good pipe?

The advantage of a good pipe :

  • Resistant pipe used in the long run
  • Minimize the level of leakage in the pipeline
  • Minimize repair costs

The advantages of OnePlus & ARcoPlus pvc pipes :

  • Made from pure plastic ore ( non-recyle )
  • White and shiny color
  • Strong and flexible
  • Without lead
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for drinking water installations
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to pressure of 10kg / cm2 (AW)
  • Resistant to pressure of 5kg / cm2 (D)

The advantages of selling OnePlus & ARcoPlus pvc pipes :

  • Good and quality products
  • Many variations, so can adjust the budget needs of consumers
  • Cheaper price, easy to sell