Pertamina hopes that the expansion, which will soon be completed in the Randugunting Block, will be a direct gas supply to the community without a pipe. The target is that gas production can reach 3 million standard cubic feet per day or MMSCFD with buyers taking directly from the existing production facilities at Pertamina's Randugunting block in the future.

Pertamina's efforts to expand the provision of gas stations in the Randugunting block will be implemented immediately after all facilities are completed. The use of gas stations is expected to run smoothly by the end of this year after drilling the RGT-2 well in the Randugunting block.

Deputy Head of the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil, Gas and Natural Business Activities (SKK Migas), Fatar Yani Abdurahman revealed that gas distribution to residents does not use pipes. Instead of using pipes, the distribution will be changed to CNG or compressed natural gas.

No Pipes – Pipe Leaks Ever Happened in Karawang

Talking about Pertamina's pipeline news, several other regions also have news that is no less interesting. There has been a leak or spill of Pertamina's oil in Karawang. However, the relevant parties have taken appropriate action quickly, so that the effects are not widespread and dangerous.

Kurtubi, as a member of Commission VII DPR said that the handling steps taken by Pertamina were appropriate. It took steps to shut down the YYA-1 well to clean up oil spills on the beach and the sea. Kurtubi admitted that all parties must appreciate Pertamina's efforts.

Based on Kurtubi's explanation, Pertamina has formed two teams to handle the problem. Where the first team moved to repair the leak, while the other team rushed to narrow it down due to the leak whose impact had extended to the marine area and also the coastal area.

In short, Pertamina has closed the reservoir pipe so that underground pipe leaks don't drag on. The leak has occurred at a depth of 2000 kilometers below the ground surface, so Kurtubi hopes that residents will also have to wait patiently for the repairs. As for the leak that reached the sea, the reason was that it was carried away by the wind, but it has been handled.

Plumbing Repair in Karawang Involves an American Company

One month earlier, to be exact, in July 2019, Pertamina asked for the help of an American company to deal with pipe leaks off the coast of Karawang. This is in line with the admission of the director of upstream energy pertamina or PHE, Dharmawan H Samsu. He revealed that he was waiting for Boots & Coots to assist in handling the problem.

On July 28, 2019, Boots & Coots arrived in Jakarta and the next day they will jointly review the location of the YYA-1 well to immediately close the leaking well. There is a separate reason why Samsu chose the American company to handle the leak.

This is none other than Boots & Coots is a company experienced in repairing the source of the deepwater horizon leak in the largest Gulf of Mexico in American history. To overcome the leak, a Soehanah rig will be installed so that the problem can be solved.

The rig itself is a replacement for the YYA-1 platform, which is estimated to have tilted about 12 degrees when the leak occurred. The slope makes YYA-1 not optimal and cannot even be used to cover oil wells. Repair and preparation of supporting tools will begin on August 3 and is expected to last for the next 7 to 8 weeks.

After repairing the pipes immediately, Samsu said that cleaning will soon be carried out in various affected areas. So, first clean the source, then sterilize the entire area affected by the impact.