The award won by the state gas company or PGN at the TOP GRC event makes the future opportunities for Gas Pipelines in Indonesia even brighter. PGN won two awards at once, the first as TOP GRC #4 Stars and the award for President Director Gigih Prakoso Soewarto.

The award to the president of PGN is related to The Most Committed GRC Leader 2019. The award, which incidentally involved 500 companies, carries the theme Sustaining Through Integrated GRC. With an assessment by an independent team from February to July 2019.

PGN Secretary, Rachmat Hutama expressed his gratitude and gratitude because this achievement cannot be separated from the collaboration and commitment of all PGN people. Rachmat admits that to get world class awards, good corporate governance has been carried out.

PGN's Efforts to Get Award – Gas Pipe

For more than half a century, PGN has existed to serve the various needs of the community for natural gas. During this time, monitoring and assessment of all workers is carried out. Whether it's to all workers at the center or workers who act to complete tasks outside the country of Indonesia.

The assessment is carried out utilizing technological advances, because constructive questionnaires will be distributed and asked to be sent back via email. With these simple steps, Rachmat hopes that every section head, wherever their job is, can find out the prospects for their HR.

Questionnaires are made not only for the sake of formality, but also as a medium for improvement if something needs to be addressed. The existence of a questionnaire is also a medium to provide rewards and punishments to related parties. If it is appropriate, it will be given a reward, if it is not, of course there will be punishment.

PGN as the gas subholding until now has been recorded as building and managing a gas network that distributes gas along 10 thousand km for the benefit of the state. And don't forget to build a 3,838 kilometer household gas network pipe for the benefit of the residents.

PGN Expands to the Hospitality and Restaurant Sector

Not only meeting household needs, PGN has also begun to expand its expansion by providing natural gas for the hotel and restaurant sector. PGN and PHRI have actually discussed this collaboration for a long time, but the realization is only now being implemented.

As a gas subholding, PGN admits that it is ready to support environmentally friendly natural gas distribution infrastructure for all parties. This includes for various parties engaged in the commercial sector, such as hotels and restaurants. This was stated by Syahrial Mukhtar as Director of Business Development Strategy for the State Gas Company or PGN.

PHRI, which is the Association of Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants in the Greater Jakarta, Medan, Palembang, Cirebon, Lampung, Batam, Sidoarjo and Surabaya areas has received supplies from PGN. There are around 370 hotels and restaurants that have been supplied with natural gas from PGN.

As the general chairman of PHRI, Hariyadi BS Sukamdani, he hopes that the cooperation between PGN and PHRI can have a mutually beneficial effect. Sukamdani also hopes that the cooperation can be carried out in the long term and the relationship between the two will always be good.

The supply of natural gas from PGN to various hotels and restaurants in Indonesia can be an important movement from both parties to reduce dependence on imported energy from abroad. Thus, it is not only the two sectors that will benefit from the agreed cooperation. But the large impact can be beneficial for the Indonesian economy.