The flushing project or cleaning of the Gresik-Semarang gas pipeline seems to have created new problems for residents of the Griya Sekar Kemuning housing estate, Kuripan Village, Karangawen District, Demak Regency. How could I not, as a result of the project a number of houses and rice fields were badly damaged due to the pipe spewing mud. The incident occurred on Tuesday (20/8/2019).

"The mudflow from the pipe ranges from 7-10 meters," said Sugiyanto as head of the Griya Sekar Kemuning Housing RT, on Thursday (22/8/2019). He said that as a result of the burst from the pipe, 9 houses and dozens of hectares of rice fields were flooded. Damage to residents' houses, namely the walls cracked, and the floor of the house fell.

Meanwhile, the damage to rice fields was accompanied by quite large losses, because the residents planted bananas, corn and tobacco. "The project officer said he would repair the pipeline, the officer would use a tool to straighten the bent one and remove the object that was clogging the pipe," said Sugiyanto, while the mud-logged rice fields could not be turned off due to the damage.

Residents Have Rejected the Flushing Project From the Beginning

The flushing project, which has been running for two weeks, had previously been socialized by officers. However, residents refused because they had thought about the negative impact of this project. "Previously we were told that there would be a burst of water due to the high water discharge, now it has happened, we are asking for compensation," said Bambang.

Bambang and the residents of Griya Sekar Kemuning Housing Estate have rejected this project from the start. However, the officers continued to carry out the flushing project until an unexpected event occurred. It is known that the water mixed with mud pooled throughout block A, it did not enter the house, but pooled in front of the door.

Meanwhile, another resident, namely Catur Puspita, said he was scared when the pipe spouted water and mud. "I was scared, because when the water gushed from the pipe there was a vibration that was felt in the house and a loud rumbling sound," said Pita, who is three houses away from the location of the pipe burst incident behind her house.

Residents Are Only Given Compensation Of Rp.1-3 Million Only

According to Pita's confession, she regretted that the project was continued, because previously it had been rejected by residents. What's more, the disaster caused by mudflow from the pipe, which caused losses to local residents. In addition to material losses, green land is also polluted due to mud puddles. The rice fields which are the source of livelihood for some residents are damaged.

Belia also said that the compensation offered was not commensurate with the risks that the residents received. The compensation provided by the government is only around 1-3 million, while the heaviest damage is experienced by green land owners. To revitalize green land requires more costs than just 3 million, as well as damaged houses.

Pita admitted that it was better to move house, for fear of another gas pipe leak. "There was a rumbling sound and vibration, not to mention if there was still gas, I'd better move out of here," he said. Indeed, the risk of damage will increase, if the gas pipe has not been repaired properly.

Until now there has been no official clarity and confirmation from the responsible party, the project line is still being installed as an area for improvement. Residents hope that the responsible party will immediately provide clarity regarding the solution to the damage, and stop the flushing project.