The water pipe network, which is a legacy from the Netherlands, is located in Pati Regency and is planned to be revitalized. The pipelines are located in two sub-districts, namely Juwana and Trangkil sub-districts. The cost needed to carry out revitalization is not small, it takes Rp. 22.2 Billion. Therefore, the local government applied for assistance to the central government.

However, it seems that the submissions made since 2014 have not been realized as expected. The Deputy Regent of Pati Regency, Saiful Arifin, has said about this problem, he said that he had submitted a request since 2014. This was conveyed in a plenary meeting forum at the Pati Regency DPRD building, on Wednesday (21/08/2019).

Saiful Arifin's statement is an answer to the previous question, a question posed by the Gerindra faction through its spokesperson, Laila Noor, which was held at the previous plenary meeting. This answer was made by Arifin when he read out the Regent's response to the general view of the faction towards the DPRD Raperda regarding changes to the Pati Regency APBD 2019.

The Regent of Pati Confirms That He Has Submitted For Revitalization

"Until now, we have followed up by proposing the request for assistance again," said the regent who is familiarly called Safin. Mr. Safin also emphasized that this plan has been included in the list of synchronization results of the recapitulation and the 2020 Special Budget Fund Allocation (DAK). So, it is possible that the 2020 revitalization budget has been allocated.

Therefore, the public does not need to worry about the pipeline network in Pati Regency. Because the area is not an underdeveloped or neglected area, the government continues to make efforts so that improvements can be made immediately. Moreover, the pipeline network is a Dutch heritage, which is valuable because it has historical value, the government does not let it go.

It is known, at the plenary meeting held on Wednesday (21/08/2019). The Gerindra party faction carried out an assessment of the condition of the pipeline network in Trangkil to Juwana District. Noor Laila as a spokesman for the Gerindra faction said that revitalization must be carried out immediately, because the pipeline network is an old Dutch heritage.

Very Expensive Costs Lead to Delayed Revitalization

The Gerindra faction, which continues to emphasize the revitalization of the water pipe network, in the plenary session of the DPRD received a positive response from Mr. Safin. The Gerindra faction said that the pipeline network that is too old will result in a decline in services to the community. The occurrence of blockages or decreased water discharge, will slowly occur if not addressed immediately.

In addition, the Gerindra faction also said that PDAM Pati must evaluate the selling price to the public, who use more than 20 cubic meters of water. According to them, the selling price should be lowered. Responding to the statement, Mr. Safin said that the PDAM tariff since 2014 until now, has never experienced an adjustment in consumer selling prices.

Mr. Safin said, "The tariff is already very cheap, because the selling price of water per cubic meter is still below the full cost recovery rate," he said, reading the answer document to the general view of the faction to the Regent. If tariffs are forced to be lowered, there must be a subsidy from the government to cover PDAM costs.

The cost of revitalization is indeed a fantastic price, therefore its realization will take quite a long time. However, due to the local government's belief and persistence, now the submission is just waiting for progress next year. No need to worry about old pipelines anymore.