What is ARcoPlus Icon?

What is ARcoPlus Icon?


ARCOPLUS icon uPVC pipe is a product of the highest quality (JIS standard) and uses quality raw materials. This pipe is very well used to meet the needs of piping installations, ranging from clean water channels to sewers and can be used to meet the needs of residential, office, commercial and industrial projects that have high specifications. ARCOPLUS icon uPVC pipe is made from quality raw materials so that it produces a pipe that is strong and does not break easily.

The advantages of the ARCOPLUS icon

  • Made from quality materials
  • Strong, flexible and UV resistant so it can be used in the long term
  • White and glossy color
  • Safe for drinking water lines
  • Many types of choices according to needs
  • Prices are more economical
  • Done by experts & experienced professional technicians


  • Clean water and drinking water
  • Sewer and sewage
  • Irrigation canals
  • Can be used as a hydroponic farming medium