PE-Xa Oxygen Barrier Pipeline

PE-Xa Oxygen Barrier Pipeline

Great durability on high temperature and high pressure 

In 70°C hot water system max working pressure can reach 1.0 Mpa. Comparing with other plastic pipe, PE-Xa has much better thermal stability, especially on pressure endurance and temperature endurance.

Resist to scratch and abrasion

The cross-linking molecular structure is much more compacted, and makes the pipe has better resistance against wear and tear. If there are small scratches on the pipe wall, the cross-linked three-dimensional structure would form a protective cover on the damaged part, and stop the scratches keeping deepened, ensures systems safety and perdurability. 

Superior materials and elasticity

Superior materials memory characteristic enables an ultra-strong recover ability, more scientific and standardized installation process with a much more reliable connection quality. Respond to the pipes knits or other deformation, it can be non-destructively restored by hot air heating gun, saving time and effort.

Conform with international standards, hot sale in European and America

Our PE-Xa pipe system get four internationally recognized top certificates, hygienic and non-toxic, in hot selling to European and America, widely used in the most severe drinking water system in developed countries.